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Carbon Based Lifeforms

21 Oct - 24 Nov
27 Nov - 18 Dec
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20 Dec
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Lucrare creata de Raluca Elena Ciubotaru

Carbon forms the backbone of biology for all of life on Earth. Complex molecules are made up of carbon bonded with other elements, especially oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Basically, we’re all made up of formulas, nicely stacked together in a DNA shaped form. From the distance, this pattern may look like random splashes of color, but at a closer look you can see chemical elements and the bonds between them. In chemistry, the hexagon shape is known as a benzene ring (a hexagonal arrangement of six carbon atoms). Placing this element on the front of the puma jacket suggests, on one hand, a chemical bond (the zipper and the hexagon) and on the other hand, the splitting of atoms when the jacket is opened.

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