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Tim the hedgehog

12 Aug - 23 Sep
12 Aug - 29 Sep
Anunt castigatori
30 Sep
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112 / 182 [cele mai recente]

Lucrare creata de Gheorghita Cirja

So determined and courageous, unknowing what awaits him. Wearing his confidence on the university hallways thinking he's ready for everything that comes. Preparing himself for a great career as an artist or entrepreneur. The beautiful life of a very promising student.
Little did he know that he's actually preparing to become a corporation. He can't see the long hours and the streams of stress that awaits him. He's not aware of how much he'll love the lunch break when he'll be the lucky one chosen to carry back to the office two bags filled with all the pretzels from the patisserie down the street.
Well, at least his hair looks great. Isn't it?

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