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Lucrare creata de Mangu Lucian

"In a realm where myth and art collide,
A tableau unfolds, worlds intertwined.
Medusa's gaze, a chilling sight to behold,
Turns curious souls to stone, stories untold.
Amidst the chaos, Minerva stands serene,
Wisdom and grace, a goddess pristine.
Her marble form, an ode to ancient lore,
Guiding seekers with knowledge to explore.
Perseus, mighty hero, sword in hand,
Defies the odds, a legend in this land.
His sculpted figure frozen in mid-flight,
Embodies courage, a beacon of light.
Beneath the gaze of these immortal beings,
A scene unfolds, where mortal hearts are freeing.
People dancing, lost in rhythmic embrace,
Their spirits lifted, caught in time and space.
Their laughter echoes through the marble halls,
A celebration of life, where joy enthralls.
In this fusion of myth and human grace,
An invitation to dance in this sacred place.
Let the Medusa's head be a warning stark,
That darkness lurks, but we can find the spark.
Minerva's wisdom guides us on our quest,
While Perseus inspires us to do our best.
And as we dance amidst this enchanting scene,
The mortal and divine in harmony convene.
For in art and myth, a magic intertwines,
Unleashing wonders that forever shines.
So let us revel in this grand ballet,
Where Medusa's curse holds no sway.
In this image, a world of dreams come alive,
Where legends and dancers forever thrive."

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