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The Snap offers

31 Mar - 29 Apr
31 Mar - 01 May
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06 May
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9 / 56 [cele mai recente]

Lucrare creata de Laura Ionescu & Silviu Antohe

Insight: A lot of food gets wasted in supermarkets because retailers don’t promote products approaching their expiry date. Those products and students are a match made in heaven: students need cheap edible food and the food needs someone to rescue it from getting wasted. They can meet in between: on Snapchat.

Idea: Carrefour pushes forward products approaching their expiry date on Snapchat, all offers expire in one day

How does it work

All updates posted on Snapchat, in the app’s feed, expire in one day. Everybody can see the 10second update and react to it for 24hours. The update vanishes into thin air afterwards, not being indexed anywhere. If you weren’t on Snapchat, you missed it. The same happens with food approaching the expiry date. If you’re not in the store to see the accelerated sale shelves, you’ll never know about the discounted food.

What we are going to do is make Carrefour’s first use of Snapchat meaningful. We will set up the brand’s Snapchat account and post on it special offers regarding food approaching the expiry date in all Carrefour stores around the country.

Basically, we’re going to use Snapchat’s expiry date feature to promote our own expiry dates. And help students get cheaper food, because cheaper food = more money for fun.

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