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Food Saver

31 Mar - 29 Apr
31 Mar - 01 May
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06 May
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Lucrare creata de Irina Gutan, Silvia Toaca, Adrian Costache

Each year, about a third of all food produced worldwide is wasted, mainly in the households. Why?

People can’t keep track of all the products' expiration dates. They forget about them within a couple of days, when usually it is too late.

What can we do about it?

Introducing a simple solution: replacing the regular bar codes on perishable items with DataBars, a new type of barcode containing the expiration date. By paying for your groceries with Android Pay or Apple Pay, all data is automatically uploaded to FoodSaver, a dedicated app.

How does FoodSaver work?

Once you buy the groceries, the app keeps track of them and starts notifying you about those products that are near expiration date. Along the notification, the app will search the web for recipes suggestions with that particular ingredient or product.

You can choose the time interval in which you want to be notified and the frequency of alerts. It works just like an alarm clock for your food, complete with ‘snooze’ feature.

Food Saver is the smart app that helps people reduce food waste by acting like an external memory: simple, free and efficient.

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