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Be my guest app by Carrefour

31 Mar - 29 Apr
31 Mar - 01 May
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06 May
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38 / 56 [cele mai recente]

Lucrare creata de Laura Ionescu & Silviu Antohe

Be my guest app by Carrefour


Romanian people cook too many servings and rarely finish eating them. But they’re also really welcoming to guests, which they love to impress with their cooking skills.


Carrefour fights food waste by encouraging Romanians to share their extra servings with other people and get social at the same time


The idea will be comprised in an app in which people register either as cooks or guests that want to share/taste an extra serving that someone cooked. The app functions through geo location, recommending the cooks closer to the person that wants to grab a bite or through other filters regarding the dish – vegan or not, sweet, spicy etc. They meet up at the cook’s place to enjoy dinner/ brunch/ lunch together, can become friends in the app and irl, can share thoughts on the dish online etc. 

The food, the guest and the cook get rated and those who are more active turn into gold members: they earn extra discounts in Carrefour stores. Sharing is caring. And it also saves the world.

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